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"Whether you've lived inside the walls of a prison or never seen the interior of a courtroom, this book is essential reading. Written in a straightforward style with unflinching honesty, Mother California is one of those rarities that will stay with you for years. It is life behind bars, revealed by a man on the long journey toward consciousness in a world that disdains it. Forget everything you thought you know about prisons and prisoners. This is the real thing." Kim Wozencraft, author of the novel Rush.      


        Kenneth E. Hartman 




                                                  MOTHER CALIFORNIA: 
                      FIRST PLACE WINNER OF THE 2010
2010 NAUTILUS BOOKS SILVER AWARD WINNER                                                                              

In the publications section of this site, some of what I've written is available at no cost to you. I would invite you to read and enjoy the writing, and feel free to share it with all of your friends.

Visit the links page for more information on the Honor Program, the Other Death Penalty Project, Lifer's Education Fund, and more I'm involved with, and see what else can be done to help change the world.

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