Kenneth E. Hartman

"Making the world I live in a better place remains my goal and focus"

A Prisoners Purpose


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Mother California
A Prisoners Purpose
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Words Also Matter In Prison
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Prison As a Metaphor For Modern Society
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A Prisoners Purpose

$10,000 Winner of the 2004 “Power of Purpose Awards”
given by the John Templeton Foundation

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 After spending most of my life in prison it became clear to me that change was needed. I had worked long and hard to change myself; through this process I became convinced that I had an obligation to work for the betterment of the world I inhabit. The Honor Program is the product of this awakening desire to become a force for the good. I set myself a seemingly impossible task, motivated by a desire to do something worthy of the life I have; changing the world’s largest prison system from inside one of its cells. The Honor Program remains an ongoing struggle, but a struggle worthy of pursuing, worthy of the effort. Purpose, and the power that emanates from purpose, can change even this world of violence and despair.

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